Monday, May 5, 2014

Alter Ego's New to Yoga and Intermediate Yoga Series Package

New To Yoga Introduction
8 Week program
8- 60 minute weekly classes
In your home or my in-house studio
(up to 3 people)

Does the atmosphere of a packed Yoga studio intimidate you? Are you confused about all the posture names?
Ease your way into Yoga with this One-on-One instruction to tailor your needs. These classes are designed to help you become familiar with breathing techniques, proper alignment and basic postures. If you've been curious to try Yoga but too intimidated to try a class or just want to learn in the privacy of a personal class, than this program is for you!

A Yoga Starter Kit is included with the purchase of this Program. This kit supplies you with everything you'll need:

1 Yoga Mat
2 Yoga Blocks
1 Yoga Strap

New to Yoga Intro- $299

Alter Ego's Intermediate Yoga Series

Congratulations on wanting to advance your practice! Did you complete the ‘New to Yoga Intro' Package? Or are you a yogi looking to advance their practice with more challenging postures, playful arm balances and a deeper connection to your practice all in the comfort of a private, one-on-one class? Then sign up for my ‘Intermediate Yoga Series’ Package! 

What does this 6 week package include?

In-home private instruction. Yoga classes can be great, but sometimes they lack the intimate, one-on-one instruction that you really need to progress.

Six 60 minute classes all done in the comfort of your own home or in my home Yoga space.

A yoga program that is tailored 100% to your wants and needs. This is your practice and this program will be constructed to suit all your goals, needs and intentions for this program.

The Alter Ego Yoga Intermediate Series is a program that will challenge you, ground you and empower you! Advance your practice today!

"Homework" may be suggested

(i.e. Journal prompts, guided meditations, worksheets, readings, etc. All homework is optional and not mandatory! Homework is suggested to open your heart, challenge your mind and enhance your spirit)

Alter Ego's Intermediate Yoga Series-6 Week Package: $265

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