Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How I celebrate the Fall Equinox

It's official, Fall is here! What does that mean? That darkness starts to dominate, the leaves start to turn beautiful, vibrant colours and the air turns fresh and crisp.

In the Summer time, I love rising early and greeting the sun with Sun Salutations. In the Spring I love  re-energizing and renewing with Hip and heart openers.I feel like I am blooming right along with the flowers and the trees. What does my Fall practice bring? Well, I have 2 moods in Fall when it comes to my practice. I love a really vigorous Ashtanga style practice. Nothing makes me feel more renewed then a good, sweaty practice, and Ashtanga definitely brings that on! I feel strong, powerful and renewed. As if layers of staleness has been peeled off of me. If it's not Ashtanga than I crave a more Yin practice. Balance, deeper stretches and longer holds in postures really provide me with a great conversation with my body; A wonderful opportunity to listen to my body and give it what it really needs.

Below are some of my favourite asanas that I weave into my Yin practice:

Lizard Pose
Open Lizard
(Image: Fitsugar)
I like to refer to this one as 'The Opener' because, to me, it feels like the ultimate stretch throughout my body. This pose opens the hips, hip flexor and hamstrings. And when taking the quad stretch option(shown below) it is a wonderful opener for the shoulders, chest and neck!

(Image: Kristin Mcgee)

Frog Pose

(Image: Gaiam)

This one can feel a bit intense. I also ease into it, following the breath to go deepen the posture. Another great opener for the hips, inner thighs and groins. I also find this one to be a great chest and shoulder opener!

Pigeon Pose

(Image: Leanitup)

I think this may be my favourite posture of all! I love to add this one into my personal practice.
A great opener for the groin, hip flexor and Psoas as well as the hip rotator muscles. I find this posture helpful on days that my sciatic nerve is acting up.

My diet also takes a wonderful shift during this time because now in season are some of my favourite foods. Squashes, pumpkins and apples, oh my! This is the time when I like to fire up my oven for roasting vegetables. Playing with spices like curry, turmeric and Paprika. Next up is the slow cooker, plugged in heating up some homemade applesauce made with apples bought fresh that morning from The Farmers Market. Or it's whipping up some fresh minestrone soup loaded with sweet potatoes and Squashes.

While a small part of me mourns the end of Summer, A bigger part of me is excited to see what this new season brings!

How do you enter the Fall Equinox?


Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hi Yogi's!

Welcome to my new blog where I will be posting anything Yoga and Alter Ego Yoga related! This is a work in progress so please bare with me during the next few weeks :)

A little bit about me:

  • I am the founder of Alter Ego Yoga Experience.
  • I have been practicing Yoga for 3 years now and have been certified to teach since August of this year.
  • How I discovered Yoga(in a nutshell!): I found Yoga when I was going through my own personal weight loss journey. I lost 130 lbs and stumbled into Yoga for a way of stretching after a workout. It was then that I realized Yoga is WAY more than "just stretching" and was a great way to challenge my body. I started going regularly and it wasn't long after that Yoga became so much more to me than a physical practice. I started to adopt the Yoga philosophy and passion to spread the Yoga love!
  • I LOVE green Tea
  • I am a big bookworm and run a Book Blog, too where I review all my latest reads!
  • I am an animal lover and a mommy(yes they are my children) to two dogs


This blog is my space to share with you who I am, what I practice, what I believe in and more importantly, what I love! Also, this is a place for you! I want to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Thank you for stopping by my little corner in this massive blogosphere! I look forward to chatting with you!