Monday, October 13, 2014

Gratitude and Yoga

Happy Thanksgiving, Yogis!

Gratitude and Yoga are a perfect marriage. Every day on my mat I am reminded of what my able body can do. I give thanks to myself for coming to the mat. I thank my body for what it can do. Every night before bed I write a gratitude list. This list contains everything from my health, the roof over my head, the well being of my friends and family right down to being thankful for a song. This was a practice that my YTT instructor has us do during our training. And it has stuck with me ever since!

Practicing gratitude has been a therapeutic journey. There are days that I feel like everything has gone wrong and when I prepare to write my gratitude list I am humbled by how much I took for granted that day. I have my heath, I have a beautiful fiance that supports me, I have a warm bed to go to at night and I have a roof over my head. I never paid much attention to those things in the past but thankfully I am more aware of those beautiful little things every single day.

Thanksgiving is also a time of reflection. A time to look back on everything I have done this year and thank myself for taking all the steps to better my mind, body and soul.

Why save gratitude for just one occasion a year? How about you try a little challenge: Every night before bed for a week, write down on a piece of paper or just think quietly to yourself what you are grateful for that day. It can be something as simple as that good breakfast you had in the morning, or that you didn't engage in that argument with your spouse/co-worker/customer, etc. See how you feel by the end of the week.

What I am grateful for this day:

The time spent with family over the weekend
The wonderful Thanksgiving meal we had
Seeing my 3 nieces laugh and smile
My fiance and the wonderful support he gives me every day
My dogs and the unconditional love
My yoga practice
My able body
My health
The health of my family and friends
The roof over my head
My warm bed

What are you grateful for on this beautiful day?


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