Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Be

How often do you take time to observe the world around you? To actually open your eyes and listen to everything that is happening around you?

When you are outdoors taking a walk or going for a run, do you have your headphones in? Are you oblivious to your surroundings? Did you notice that beautiful goose flapping it's wings in the water, playing in the pond? Can you hear the crunch of the fall leaves beneath your feet? Do you smell that crisp Autumn air that is a mix of morning dew and burning fireplaces? That bug that zipped by your ear, was it an annoying interruption or a friendly reminder of the different lives and species that live all around you.

Some of my best moments, thoughts and self observations have come from these beautiful little details. The squirrel jetting in front of me, racing to get that acorn before any other squirrel. The chirping birds singing their morning songs, sounding as if they don't have a care in the world. I have learned to take out those headphones anytime I decide to go for a walk. My cellphone(if I even have it with me) will never be pulled out during these moments of solitude. During these moments of observing the beautiful world that I live in. Too often, we see on the news the ugliness that the world can hold. It scares us. It makes us angry. But really, we have so much beauty around us that can put everything back into perspective. A simple step out the front door and deep breath in can change the darkest day for me. I am alive. Today is a new, fresh day. A rebirth. Whatever happened yesterday is no longer. Let it go. Don't let something that happened in your past, imprint onto your future. Every day is a new day.

So I challenge you, just for today: Go outside for a few moments. Leave any distractions behind. Take those moments to listen to the world around you. Breath in the fresh air, listen to the birds chirping or the dog barking or anything else going on around you. How do you feel?

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