Thursday, November 6, 2014

When in doubt, Savasana

I like to think of myself as an organized, balanced individual. I love 'To-Do' lists. I love a schedule or daily itinerary. I like to know what is ahead of me before my day begins. But we all know that not everything goes as planned. There will be things that will pop up in a day that you didn't except. Suddenly, you are left juggling commitments, and at times be left completely frazzled. That 60 minute slot I left for myself in the afternoon for my Yoga practice is now filled in with something else demanding my attention. But how can I be fully present and responsible for a task when my head isn't in the game? When all I really need is just a few moments to ground, recharge and just be.  I may not have the 60 minutes anymore for my Yoga practice that day, but I know that I can fit in at least 5 minutes to find a quite space, close my eyes (maybe even put on some soft music) and just listen to my breath. Allow myself to be still. I owe that to myself. Nothing is more important than my well being. And I can't tackle my day if I am feeling run down or overwhelmed. It never fails that after that 5 minutes I am ready to restart my day with a fresh view and clear mind.

Next time you find yourself being bogged down, slip into a quiet corner or room or someplace where you can just give yourself a few moments; Even if this means going into the bathroom and locking the door. Go somewhere where you can close your eyes, listen to your breath, and give yourself a few moments of stillness.

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