Monday, January 5, 2015

Eating for You in 2015

We need food. We need it to survive. However, nowadays, individuals have developed an "auto-pilot" approach to their eating. Distracted, mindless eating. Eating in front of their computer at their desk, eating at the T.V., standing up in front of the Kitchen sink, etc. Not paying attention or eating with intention. Mindful eating is a beautiful practice to develop into your life.

What is Mindful eating?
  • Paying attention when eating. Savouring, noticing and enjoying your food
  • Eating with intention. The food that you're consuming is nurturing and providing your body with energy. 
It is so easy to get distracted. We're human and we all have obligations or days where some things get the better of us. A little while ago, I was busy running errands, trying to get caught up after the busyness of Christmas. I came home and prepared a Sweet Potato Squash. I baked it with some ground Ginger and Coconut Oil. The house smelled lovely, and I couldn't wait to dig into it! **My mouth is watering thinking about it all over again!** I sat down in front of my computer hoping to catch up on e-mails while I ate my dinner. A short time later I looked down to take another bite and realized all my food was gone. I had eaten it, and barely even noticed. I was looking forward to that Squash the whole time it was cooking, but as I sat to answer e-mails, I lost all attention on my food and just ate it on "Auto-Pilot".

Mindful eating is a process:
  • Are you Hungry? Or eating due to emotional/physical stress? Eating mindfully brings awareness to these cues.
  • Choosing food that will not only provide your body enjoyment but with energy and nourishment.
  • Using the food you are eating to not only Survive but to thrive!
Ever since that day where I devoured my squash without tasting it, I have put a huge focus into Mindful eating. When it comes time to eat, I enjoy that experience. I give 100% of my attention during meal time just as if I was during any other activity. My mindful eating practice has also transitioned into other tasks. Being in the moment; Living in the now is so very important. When spending time with your partner, kids, friends, co-workers, anything that uses your time, you spend that time the best way you can. Putting your energy into this quality time. Why should eating be any different.

We dedicate so much precious time into cooking meals and preparing our food, and a lot of the time, we just chow it down in 10 minutes or less. Let's give that beautiful food the attention it deserves.

Try this: Next time you eat a meal. Turn off any distractions. Put the phone on silent, or better yet, don't even have it in the same room. Switch off the computer and steer clear from the T.V. Then, eat. Chew each bit, and savour the taste. Take your time, and you may realize half way through how beneficial a mindful eating practice can be!

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional. This is based purely on personal experience and general information. This information is not advice and should not be treated as such**

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