Monday, January 19, 2015

My Morning Ritual

To me, how I spend my morning is how I set my intention for my day. There were days that as soon as my eyes would flutter open I would immediately be thinking about my 'To-Do' list, or checking my e-mails. Those days usually ended up with me frazzled and exhausted. 

Over the last year or so I have been practicing a morning ritual. This routine sets the tone for my day! My head will be clearer, I move with purpose and I am more present. 

My Morning Ritual

As Soon as I Wake Up

Drink Water: I keep a water bottle by my bedside, and give myself a few big gulps upon waking up.
A few easy stretches: 
A easy twist,
Body stretch
Shoulder/Neck Rolls

2 minutes of deep or belly breathing.

I set my intention for the day:
Stay grounded
Stay present
I am Here

Then I crawl out of bed!

Up and At 'Em

Hot Lemon Water then after that mug is empty, I have a cup of Green Tea Or
10-30 Minutes of Yoga: Depending what I have going on that day, sometimes I can only squeeze in 10 minutes, but I usually aim for 30 if I can. 
5-10 Minutes of Meditation

So, that's it! Practicing this ritual every day has had such a positive effect. I strongly recommend creating a ritual for yourself. Even if all you can squeeze in is 10 minutes. Creating a routine that give you some  'you' time and sets your day on a positive foot is worth it!

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