Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Importance of a Home Practice

Practicing in a class or privately under the guidance of a Yoga teacher is very important. You learn proper alignment and safety in postures and are given the guidance for postures to feel good in your body; May it be through modifications, variations or physical adjustments to make the posture suit your body, not your body to suit the posture.  With that being said, once you have established a familiarity with postures and feel confident to execute certain postures safely, why not take this opportunity to keep your practice at home.

I love a classroom environment and I love practicing under an instructor as well,  but I also think there is a very strong importance to practice alone with nothing but you, your breath and your mat(although the mat is optional!). When practicing in class, you are flowing along to a sequence that the teacher creates for the class. When practicing at home, you are flowing along to what your mind and body are saying. I call this an intuitive practice.

What is an intuitive practice?

Rolling out your mat, closing your eyes to set an intention, breathe and when you are ready, begin moving. Say you begin in Child's Pose, you may be thinking, "What the heck am I doing? I don't know what my body wants right now" but that couldn't be further from the truth. You know exactly what it is you need. You just need to breathe and listen. Just start out by doing a few simple postures: Child's Pose, Cat/Cow, Downward dog for example, and eventually, your body will start speaking to you: "Open my hips please," "Oh that feels wonderful, can we hold that a little longer?," "Your feeling strong today, let's try an arm balance"...All this will come from within you once you allow room for it. All it takes is you: Listening, letting go of expectations and just going with the flow ;)

My intuitive practices have been some of my favourite moments on my mat. Why? Because those are the times I am truly listening to my body. I am giving myself that time to just be.

Next time you are wanting a practice why not keep it in house? You don't even need your mat! Sometimes, I love using the space around the room rather than being restricted to my mat. Whichever way you choose to practice, whatever way serves you best, why not stay in your pajamas and see where your body takes you?

Namaste <3

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