Monday, July 6, 2015

21 Day Vegan Challenge...It's On!

I have joined my amazing Pranalife family for a 21 day Vegan Challenge where we will live a vegan lifestyle for at least 80% of the time. Although my diet is mostly plant-based to begin with, I do eat eat Chicken and Fish from local, naturally raised sources. My dairy intake comes from Almond and Cashew butters, milk and spreads. Although I do indulge in frozen Yogurt and Yogurt at least once a week.

My main goals for this challenge are:

1. Eliminate processed sugar. My intake is limited, but it is still more than I would like to consume...Damn you, Chad for being a Funnel cake-making master! I may have to slip in a nibble here and there as my 20%...Don't judge me! ;)

2. To enjoy this journey! To be mindfully throughout my meal preparation, cooking and eating. I tend to speed through this process and would really like to focus on savouring my food and all the steps that come with making it!

3. Commit to my Yoga and Meditation practice 4X a week.

4. Commit to my gratitude and meditation journal after each practice rather than only doing it when I feel like it.

5. Educate myself more on the Vegan lifestyle. Doing so by watching documentaries, reading articles, books, etc.

6. Document my journey through this challenge by blogging, social networking and checking in with my challenge family!

Let's do this thang-thang!

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