Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Morning Musings


As I was sitting on my deck this morning, enjoying my cup of Dandelion tea and reading, I was loudly distracted by the thunderous sounds of my 2 dogs playful banter. Their clumsy feet thumping the floor as they playfully barked and pawed at each other. Usually, when they get loud, I will let out a 'Shh' to settle them down, but today something stopped me. As I lowered my book and pursed my lips getting ready to shush them I was halted by their pure joy. Tails wagging and opening, smiling mouths, they were simply enjoying their moments. Who am I to take that away from them? Our pets can teach us so much: They do not have a slew of electronics to entertain them. They have no regard for selfies or food grams. They don't turn to Social Media or mindless distractions when bored, or have an abundance of friends to call on at their fingertips. They only have us, and themselves. They have no regrets of their past and no worries of their future. They live purely in the moment. If they are tired, they snooze, if they are bored, they play. They know nothing more than to live in the moment.

This morning, my fur babies reminded me to savour the moment. To be grateful for all my life's blessings; To be calm, flexible and playful.

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