Alter Ego Yoga was created to spread the beautiful wealth of Yoga to others. To encourage humans to live yoga on and off the mat, peel back their layers and embark on the journey of discovering their truest potential. 
Alter Ego's Core Values:

Empowerment: Challenge yourself both physically, mentally and spiritually. Set intentions and living your daily intentions. 

Connection: The definition of Yoga is 'to yolk', 'to unite'. Alter Ego Yoga strives to provide you with the tools to tune into your body, connect the mind and delve into the soul.

Embrace: Accepting where you are in 'this' moment. The past is already gone, and the future isn't here yet. The only moment that matter is the present moment. 

Compassion: Be kind to yourself. To do your best for this moment and to let go of the rest. To be an observer and never a critic. To silence the negative chatter in your mind. You are enough. You already have everything you need within you.

About Cathy Benjamin

My journey with Yoga began 5 years ago when I reluctantly stepped on a Yoga mat for the very first time. My initial attraction to you was the physical activity of it. Once I experienced first hand the benefits and affects yoga, it became far more than a physical practice and more of a practice of connecting to myself. I soon realized I had a mission: To bring Yoga to as many lives as possible. To introduce this beautiful practice to others and help guide them into their own personal journey, a journey to discovering their best self!

I am a 200 Hour Pranalife Certified Yoga teacher and Founder of Alter Ego Yoga. I specialize in Vinyasa, Power and Ashtanga-inspired Yoga all with a strong emphasis on safety and proper alignment; never working the body to the posture but molding the posture to the body. Yoga does not have one form. Yoga is accessible to all. I craft classes that are suitable for all levels of practice. Focusing on strength, warming up the body and calming the mind.  I also teach Corporate Yoga, Private classes, specialty workshops, as well as teaching yoga to the youth with her Y.A.Y Program(Youth and Yoga).

Let's connect! You can e-mail me at: or reach me on any of my social media platforms:

Instagram: @Bookworm-Yogi
Whatever program you sign up for Alter Ego provides you with continuous support in person, skype, phone and/or e-mail. Also available in your sign up is recommended reading, reflective questions, "homework" and guided audio(or live video) meditations. Alter Ego Yoga works alongside you to build the foundation you need to live a happier, healthier life. To be your best self! 

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The Meaning of Alter Ego

Alter: Alteration. To not change who you are but to make micro-adjustments so you can become the very best version of yourself. To release what no longer serves you and to create space for the new.

Ego:  To let go of the ego on and off the mat. To let go of any negative imprints that you have carved into your life. Alter Ego: Alteration of the Ego. 

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