MacGregor Phys. Ed Yoga
(Grades 7 & 8)
I'm a 12 year old girl in grade seven. I thought that the yoga classes were tons of fun! I think my whole gym class bonded over the experience and it gave me some cool exercises. The instructor was also super nice! I hope we can do this again:) -Laura

I thought the yoga class was very relaxing because i was in different positions that i have not experienced before -Bradley

I thought the yoga class was a good adventure for my mind and especially my body. Cathy was a good teacher- she explained the movements and poses clearly and in a way that we all could follow. I would enjoy more yoga in phys ed!! -Yvon

I enjoyed the yoga classes very much, it was a very nice change from a normal gym class. The instructor was very kind and patient with our class and taught us all regardless of our abilities. She taught us a lot of different poses and techniques. I would love to do more yoga and pursue more opportunities like this in the future. -Aaron
Private Yoga

I took advantage of Cathy's 'New to Yoga' package and I will forever be grateful to her for introducing me to such a beautiful practice. Since Day 1 of Cathy's class, I have remained a steady student and have taken Cathy's guidance into my life on a daily basis. I have recommended her to friends, family, co-works...EVERYONE! She truly is a gem!- Jessica

I considered myself a unique client of Cathy's. I approached her with interest in the New to Yoga package, but having an injury, could only take part in Chair Yoga. She explained that this would be new to both of us,  but was quick to say yes. Our first day is one I will always remember. She gave me the confidence that I needed to become active again while getting over my injury. I strongly believe she was a big part of speedy recovery. I practice Yoga with Cathy on a regular basis now...Out of a chair!-Caroline

She's funny, so thoughtful and attentive. I've practiced Yoga for many years but with work, kids and everything else, the time and motivation to go to a class wasn't there. I tried Private Yoga with Cathy and was hooked. Sometimes I just want a good workout, other times I need a little more TLC and I know I can count on Cathy to deliver exactly what I'm looking for.  I enjoy her company so much and I think my family is even happier since I've started practicing with Cathy; I've been told I'm not so grumpy anymore. LOVE HER!-  Alyssa

She helped calm our pre-wedding jitters! Booked her for a Yoga session the morning of my big day. Not only did she have us laughing and sweating throughout the class. But her beautiful meditation at the end gave me exactly what I needed!-Emma

Being a guy I always thought Yoga was more for girls(sorry). But being very active and an athlete, I was told that I should really consider Yoga. So I booked a session with Cathy. She killed all the thoughts I used to have about Yoga. After working with her bi-weekly for 2 months, I ended up just booking her steady, every week, and we're still going strong. I even booked a Partner Yoga session for me and my girlfriend and we had so much fun!

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  1. After my initial private lesson with Cathy, I was hooked on yoga. I find myself doing simple postures during my daily routines.
    Cathy was very professional yet friendly and chatty at the same time. Thanks Cathy for this experience - it is mine for life !!